Evaluation of Guillan- Barre syndrome in Immam Hossain Hospital& Shohada Hospital

1 -Soltanzadeh M.H. Pofessor of pediatrics ,Shahid Bheshti University of Medical Science ,Tehran ,Iran
2- Shirvani F. 
Assistant professor of pediatrics ,Shahid Beheshti University of medical science ,Tehran, Iran
3 -Afsari K.

Guillan – Barre syndrome is a major cause of acute neuromuscular paralysis considering the controversy surrounding its epidemiology, pathology, diagnosis , and treatment, the medical files of children admitted to Immam Hossain Hospital and Shohada hospital from 1993-2003 with a diagnosis of Guillan-Barre syndrome were studied to determine the epidemiology of this syndrome.

A total 42 children were included in this study of existing data , patients age , sex, family history signs and symptoms , disease course, diagnostic criteria and mortality rate were studied .

The incidence was 1.5 times grater in boy compared to girls , age ranged from  9 months to  14 years with a mean age of years ,family history showed no remarkable pattern, in 42.8 % a history of Respiratory or Gastrointestinal infection 10-14 days before onset of diseases was noted. The most common sign was lower extremity weakness , urinary incontinence was observed in 4.7 %  , The physical exam showed hyporeflexia and areflexia to be the most common finding  in 38 %  , facial nerve paralysis was  observed , in all patients LP was performed . in 69 % protein was reported to be above normal with mild pleocytosis . in 21 patients EMG was performed and disturbances were seen in 61.9 % although necessary treatment measures were taken , mortality was reported in 4.7 %  .

  Key Word :  Guillan – Barre sydrome, acute paralysis of neuromuscular

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