Research Studies

1-Salehi,H , Soltanzadeh, M.H. , Tabibian, et al., Restructuring Pharmaceutical System in Iran.2000-2001
2- Soltanzadeh, M.H. , Evaluation of the effects of Dexamethazone on lowering the incidence hearing loss post Bacterial Meningitis in infant and children.50 case. Pejouhandeh, Spring 2000, Vol. 5,No 1
3- Soltanzadeh, M.H. , Evaluation of Infective Endocarditis in the Pediatrics population.40 case Journal of the Faculty of Medicin
4- Soltanzadeh ,M.H. , Shobeiri R . Evaluation of occurrence of UTI in neonates.300 case
5- Soltanzadeh, M.H. , Evaluation 205 cases of Rheumatic Fever in children
6- Soltanzadeh, M.H. , Evaluation of QT Interval in SIDS Syndrome
7- Soltanzadeh , M.H. Akhavan M, Evaluation of epidemiology 400 cases neonatal Meningitis .
8- Soltanzadeh, M.H. Evaluation CRP in CSF at Bacterial Meningitis
9- Soltanzadeh , M.H. , Evaluation Henoch-Schonlein Purpura in children.1998 TeboTazkieh No 32
10-Solanzadeh, M. H., Evaluation of the characteristic of the patients complaining of Sore Throat at the Out patient clinic of Emam Hossain Medical Center .Journal of the Faculty of MedicinVol . 23, No . 1, Spring 1999
11- Soltanzadeh, M. H., Evaluation of occurrence of Carrier – State Streptococcal Infection in the Schools of East Tehran.1999 TebotazkiehNo 34
12-Soltanzadeh, M.H. , Evaluation of Effects of N. Lacto Drop ( An Herbal Drug) on Breast Milk.
13-Soltanzadeh , M. H.,Evaluation of 109 cases of TB Meningitis in children .
14-Soltanzadeh, M.H. Evaluation of Trisomy- 13 Patau Syndrome , Report of 6 cases Journal of Medical Council of Islamic Republic of IRAN, Vol,. 17,No.2, 1999.
15-Soltanzadeh M.H. Achodroplasia with Klinefelter`s Syndrome Medical Journal of the Iranian Hospital. Vol. 3,No.1,July 2000
16- Soltanzadeh M.H. Brucellosis in Children , The Journal of Ghazvin Medical School Vol, 1, No. 2 1988
17-Soltanzadeh M.H. Kawasaki `s Syndrome The Journal of Ghazvin Medical School, Vol.1,No.1,1988
18-Soltanzadeh M.H. Precocious Puberty ,Darou – o- Darman1992 No . 100
19- Shooshtarian M. Soltanzadeh M.H. et al Evaluation of 1075 cases of Pharyngitis in Children Nabz 1995 ,Vol. 55, No. 7
20- Soltanzadeh M.H. Shivani F Comparison of Enuresis Alarm and Demopressin in Children with Enuresis.
21-Soltanzadeh M.H. Shivani F Afsari K. GP Evaluation of Guillan- Barre syndrome in Immam Hossain Hospital& Shohada Hospital
22-Soltanzadeh M.H. Dr A. Afkhami Ardakani An epidemiologic Study of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Imam Hossein and mofid Hospitals (Tehran-Iran) during 3 years “Mar.1999-Mar.2001”
23-Soltanzadeh M.H Dr E. Abdolahi Comparison of causes of neonatal death before and after autopsia in autopsified Imam Hossein Hospital,MOFID children’s Hospital and children’s Medical center during 3 years: 1999-2001.
24-Soltanzadeh M.H Siadati A MD  ,Shirvani F MD  , Sardari M MD , Rashed F MD ,    Shafagi B MD , Gharooni M  MS      -   Intestinal anthrax in a 4-year-old child
25-Soltanzadeh M.H   Dr Arbabi Dr Shirvani Dr Radfar Dr Khodami  Dr mirnia Investigation prevalence of MRSA colonies in neonates
27-Soltanzadeh M.H Shirvani F, MD Neurofibromatosis Admitted Cases during 10 Years in Two Hospitals, Tehran, Iran
28-Soltanzadeh M.H  Rajavi, MD  Behzadifar, MD Arbabi, MD, Badami, Ph.D,Khodami, MD ,Ashrafi, PHDEpidemiological Study of Neonatal Conjunctivitis
30-Soltanzadeh M.H Hearing loss in Neonates   
31-Soltanzadeh M.H, Arbabi,MD, Shirvani , MD, Mirnia, MD, Radfar, MD, Khodami , MD, Gharouni
32- Soltanzadeh MD,ID ,Shirvani F, Neyrizi A , Compare of the Antiseptic effects of Decosept with Povidone – Iodine in 30 peoples  in Imam Hossein Hospital 2004


Research projects executed by Dr. M.H. Soltanzadeh:

1-Comparing the effects of desmoprecin&enuresis alarm system

2-Effects of dexamethasone on reduction of hearing problems in bacterial meningitis, Imam Hossein &Resalat Hosp. 1992-1998

3-A study on herbal drops’ effects on increasing the mother’s milk, Private office, 1994-1995

4-A study on streptococcus in east-Tehran schools, 742 cases

5-A study on patients with sore throat, 300 cases

6-A study on the CRP of CSF in bacterial meningitis

7-A study on henoch schonlein purpura

8-A study on bacterial endocarditis, 40 cases

9-A study on 400 epidemiologic cases of infants’ meningitis

10- A study on 300 cases of urine infections in infants

11-A study on Qt intervals in SIDS syndrome

12-A study on 205 cases of rheumatic fever in children

13-Organizing the Drug Order with the help of H. Salehi, Tabibian and the Deputy Minister of Health for Nutrition 2000,2001 …

14-A study on 48 cases of epidemiologic enterocolite necrosante

15-A study on 182 cases of pre & after autopsy diagnosis

16-A study on the elements of  infants’ bacterial conjunctivitis, with the help of J. Rajavi, A. Behzadifar, in 3 hospitals of Imam Hossein, Resalat & Akbarabadi, 2001-2002

17-Findings in patients and infants with turbo citopenia, with F. Shirvani, M. Radfar, N. Razavi at the Imam Hossein Hospital (Pediatric Center) 1997-2000

18-Hearing Loss in infants

19-A study on the Prevalence of Colonization in 150 infants at 2 educational hospitals MRSA

20-An introduction of a patient with abnormal symptoms of  lung hydatid cyst

21-A study on cases of  the guillainbarre disease at Shohada& Imam Hossein Hospitals

22-A study on the Prevalence of Colonization MRSA in infants at 2 Imam Hossein&Akbarabadi Hospitals, 2002

23-A report on addiction

24-Meningoencephalitis viral

25-An introduction of a child with Gastrointestinal Anthrax

26-A study on children’s etiology hematuria with M. Aramfar in Imam Hossein & Shohada Hospitals, Ph.D. thesis, 2002

27-A study on the prevalence of cleft palate at the pediatric ward of Imam Hossein Hospital, Ph.D. thesis, 2002

28-A study on the results of CSF function at the Pediatrics ward of Imam Hossein Hospital, Ph.D. thesis, 2002

29-Comparing the poi don iodine and decosept disinfectant effects, with F. Shirvani, A. Tabrizi, Imam Hossein Hospital, 2003-2004

30-Comparing the cesarean birth trauma and the natural birth regarding the iron & hemoglobin, with F. Shirvani, Z. Khaledi


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