An epidemiologic Study of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Imam Hossein and mofid Hospitals (Tehran-Iran) during 3 years β€œMar.1999-Mar.2001”

Professor M.H. Soltanzadeh MD
Professor of Pediatrics, ID ,
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science ,
Tehran ,IRAN

Dr A. Afkhami Ardakani
Pediatric Resident


Necrotizing Enterololitis (NEC) is Serious inflamatory gastroinestinal (GI) disease of the newborn it is the most common Cause of GI urgencies in the neonatal Period with high mortality and morbidity rates. This retrospective descriptional study was done to determine some of its epidemiologic figures in the two aforementioned centres.

There were 48 cases of NEC at various stages in the NICUS of the Two centres during This three years. The clinical records of all of them were addressed . the incidence of NEC  was 3.5% While prematurity (87.5%) and VLBW (62.5%) Were the most common risk factors and the incidence of VLBW and gestational age Lower than 32 Weeks Was more prominent in the Severe forms of the disease.

Other epidemiologic Variables such as mean Birth weight ( 1640+-418 g ) . mean gesta tional age (31.4+-3.9 Weeks ) , mean Postnatal age ( 13.3+-5.7 days ) enteral feading situation and mortality rate Were similar to those of texts and literature.

Keywords: Necrotizing Enteroclitis – Prematurity – VLBW - Epidemioligy