Comparison of causes of neonatal death before and after autopsia in autopsified Imam Hossein Hospital,MOFID children’s Hospital and children’s Medical center during 3 years: 1999-2001.

Professor M.H. Soltanzadeh MD
Professor of Pediatrics, ID ,
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science ,
Tehran ,IRAN

Dr E. Abdolahi Foomani


This is a descriptive study for reviewing of causes of neonatal deaths before and after autfsia . It represents the accuracy rate of diagnosis before autopsia based on clinical and laboratories and imaging data.

In addition other targets such as sex gestational age, weight and causes of death were abstracted. Necessory data were abstracted from refering to pathological reports of  autopsified neonates in three educational center during 1997-2000.

The results represents that in 62% of cases. The etiology of death was equal.60%  male , 52% of cases > 2500gr and 63% had gestational age below 38 weeks.

The respiratory causes (40% of cases) were the main factor of death.

Key words: Neonatal mortality , Autopsia.