Department of pediatrics
Imam Hossain Medical center
School of Medicine of Shahid Beheshti University
Tehran , Iran


Bacterial Endocarditis is a mysterious and dangerous disease in peddiatrics. Even with aggressive antibiotic therapy between 20% to 25% and in more serious cases from 50% to 60% mortality rate has been documented . For this reason , this study was designed to evaluate the factors and conditions influencing the occurrence and the prognosis of this disease.

This study was designed to evaluate the existing data of 40 patients with age groups of below 14 years who had diagnosis of Bacterial Endocarditis from 1990 to 1995 at the Medical Centers of the School of Medicine of shaheed Beheshti University, Tehran , Iran .

The findings revealed that 60% of the cases were females .

Congenital Heart Diseases were the most common predisposing to bacterial Endocarditis with 66% of the cases.

Blood Culture was positive in 27.5% of the cases with the most common pathogens being Staphylococcus Viridance 27.2% .

The ESR rate of above 20 was observed in 77.5% of the cases . Leukocyte count of above 10000 was observed in 67.5% of the cases and CRP was positive in 55% of the cases . The most common symptoms were fever and heart murmurs , wich were observed in 97.5 percent of the cases respectively.

Due to the relative high incidence of Congenital Heart Disease and their predisposition to Bacterial Endocarditis, more attention should be paid to prevention and the reduction in the incidence of disease.