Food Allergy as a cause of Asthma


One of the first report about asthma due to food Allergy was from Avecina in 16th Century and was about dispenia due to eating the legumes and so Overton reported a man whose asthma and constitutional symptoms were caused were caused by eating wheat in 19 th century. In the end Sicherer reviewed evidence for the role of food allergy in asthma pathogenesis in 20 th century . He estimates that about 6% of children with asthma have food induced lower air way symptoms after ingestion of the suspected food.

Children’s asthma initiates due to atopic dermatitis (AD) in 29% of cases and it seems tht AD is a risk factor for children’s asthma. Also initiation of food specially conventional Cow’s Milk based formula before 6 month old and contact with indoor allergens as Mite, Cock roach and Cat are risk factors for incidence of asthma in children. The common food allergen as a couse of asthma in children is different about ages and in Iranian children were Cow Milk, Tomato , walnut , Fish, Orange, Egg white … and in another study in Italy were Cow Milk , Egg , Peanut , Wheat , Fish … respectively.

Asthma due to wheat Allergy is the common occupational allergy relation to food , and is 16% and is a complaint of bakeries respiratory disease relation to wheat flour that is 35% in bakeries.

People education for prevention of risk factors of asthma as initiation of food before 6 month of age , contact with indoor allergen, … can benefit in prevention of child asthma due to food allergy and so the belief that deter elimination of food allergen and elimination diet can control child asthma can anticipant their parents.


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